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titulek Městský dechový orchestr Kopřivnice, MěDO
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The Kopřivnice Wind Orchestra

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Manager: Ing. Vladimír Švarc
e-mail: vladimir.svarc(zavináč/at)ktknet.cz
phone: +420 731 876 979

Kopřivnice is a beautiful town in Nothern Moravia in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains. The heavy-duty, off-road truck company TATRA is the town's largest employer.

The Kopřivnice Wind Orchestra was established by Mr. Alois Hrnčárek in 1994 as a continuation of two predescor bands - Youth Band and Adult Band of Tatra Kopřivnice. Mr. Hrnčárek was leader and conductor until 2013 when he passed this role to 1st horn player Pierre Scotto.

There are roughly 50 amateur musicians from Kopřivnice and nearby towns. All the musicians love all kinds of wind music. The band will satisfy every listener with its large repertoire: selections range from Classical to Romantic to present-day, including overtures, film music, songs from musicals, and pop songs. Because we are a Czech Wind Orchestra, we also play traditional Czech polkas and Czech marches as well as pieces by contemporary Czech composers. We also perform with group majorettes. The first one is from Kopřivnice The Sunny Majorettes and the second one is The Lassies Brno.

If you are looking for music for a holiday, festival, or gala show, The Kopřivnice Wind Orchestra is a good choice. The band is always prepared to meet your specific requirements. Since we are an amateur band you will only pay direct costs, i.e. travel and allowances. The Band is primarily supported by the town hall of Kopřivnice.

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